Learning about smart contracts needs us to learn about the functionality of the blockchain. So what is a blockchain? The answer lies in the word itself ‘block’ describes the handler or the parent node and this node helps to connect to all the sub-ordinate nodes and forms a ‘chain’. The…

A girl is a blessing from GOD,

As thought by the mystical LORD.

Same goes for this beautiful girl,

Who took birth when the mourning swirl.

Aardvarks snouted their food out,

Dazzling and dancing like a tiny sprout.

But suddenly an aargh sound comes,

Like an amateur beating the drums.


She stands by me, for the rest of me.
She sheds her light, to help me shine bright.
She casts her shadow, wealthy enough to fulfil me.
She cares a lot and nonetheless, protects me like a heavenly bless.
But when she departs, my heart left in parts.
The sight of her keeps me awake, her love never seems to be fake.
She helps me build this gifted world, and tells me not to behold my word.
She enlightens me to shape my life, every moment with her keeps me alive.
She sits by me to listen to me, plans her day according to me.
She goes away from me, but her soul is besides me.
She befriends me, to teach me the lesson of my life.
Therefore, she is mine and will always be mine, no way I would let her be thine.

Debidatta Suryaprakash


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